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LinkedIn pivots harder into the video

LinkedIn pivots harder into the video

LinkedIn is a useful place for those who are working professionals. However, off late, it is becoming a portal where the professionals are finding it hard to spend their time. The reason is – it is a platform where you are going to notice an uncountable number of spams, numerous blog posts having business as their themes primarily that can be too much interminable at times or certain insights that no one likes to give a damn about or certain bizarre rants. Sometimes they also end up posting the UI decisions that are actually designed for basement cubicles of office.

And we are not including the controversies that pop that is being created due to user’s data usage. Some tech experts have even gone on to call the job portal as social media’s ‘Dilbert’ and few have even hilariously called it social media’s Scott Adams.

Now there is some good news for those LinkedIn users who remain a bit annoyed due to its posts. The portal is soon going to start trying to show its users more videos in upcoming days. LinkedIn officials recently announced in the media that the company is soon going to launch LinkedIn Live. Through this, the users, as well as the Organizations, would have the option of broadcasting real-time videos to their ‘selected groups’ or even the LinkedIn world to get better insights.

Through this new move, the company aims to broadcast the kind of contents that the majority of users may like to watch. Many times the LinkedIn users need to login into their accounts due to various reasons. This time when they log in, they would be bewildered to see a new video feature in LinkedIn.

The company had already had the video option which was launched almost 17 months back. Pete Davies, Product Director at LinkedIn stated that the ‘Live Feature’ option is the most requested one that the company is going to implement soon.

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