Home Business New flavour of Coca Cola released after 10 years

New flavour of Coca Cola released after 10 years

New flavour of Coca Cola released after 10 years

It has been almost ten years since Coca-Cola introduced its new flavor. Now after such a long gap, the soft drink company is ready to launch a new flavor.

The company which has its headquarters in Atlanta city recently revealed its plan to launch two new flavors namely Orange Vanilla Coke Zero Sugar and Orange Vanilla Coke. These two will go on sales in the US market on February 25 this year. They will be available in 20-ounce plastic bottles along with the regular 12-ounce cans. After some time, the customers could also get them at Wendy’s restaurants located in the fountain dispensers’ area. This would be the time when NCAA March Madness basketball tournament will come to an end. Finally, the company will make these drinks available at all the dispensers located across the country.

The brand had earlier tried three different flavors that were lemon, raspberry, and ginger. But the focus group decided to include the orange vanilla flavor. In an official statement, the Coca-Cola representatives stated that Orange Vanilla Coke Zero Sugar and Orange Vanilla Coke are going to be two of the finest flavor innovations by the Coca-Cola trademark in the last one decade.

Kate Carpenter, the company’s brand director stated via Coca-Cola’s official blog that through these two newly launched soft-drinks, the company means to bring back the memories of carefree summer days. That is the reason why they decided to go with orange vanilla flavors which will remind the soft-drinkers of the summer days when they grew to munch on the creamy orange popsicles. The company plans to launch this flavor in the classical Coke way.

A few days back, the soft drink giant was in news for launching Strawberry Guava and Coke Blueberry Acai in the market. Through these launches, the company aims to satisfy a number of changing tastes along with lifestyles. A decade back in 2007, the company had launched Vanilla Coke Zero along with Vanilla Coke.

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