Home Health Men who smoke Marijuana do not suffer from fertility issues, says study

Men who smoke Marijuana do not suffer from fertility issues, says study

Men who smoke Marijuana do not suffer from fertility issues, says study

Recently Harvard University conducted research where it found out that those men who smoke marijuana have better sperm count as compared to those who did not smoke it. The research team included those men in this study who were seeking treatment at the fertility clinics and not those who hardly had such issue.

The reports were published in a popular health journal called Human Reproduction. What surprising is that the study has published their reports which are in contrast with previous research reports conducted by many prominent research teams. The previous one has stated that smoking weed or marijuana can have a negative effect on men’s health.

Jorge Chavarro who is an Associate Professor currently teaching at Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health had led this study. He explained how these unexpected research reports highlight this fact that currently, we know very little about the marijuana effect on men’s reproductive health and its general health effects. Chavarro further emphasized this fact that these reports about marijuana need to be presented with caution.

In another research study, a research team had found out that although marijuana smoking doesn’t result in low sperm count among men, still the team hypothesized that it could be associated with the problems of worst sperm quality. On the contrary to Prof Chavarro’s team, this research found no difference in sperm amounts of the regular and former weed or pot smokers.

Additionally, it was found that greater use of weed was associated with serum testosterone levels in high amount. It was stated that since marijuana smoking has a positive effect on men’s endocannabinoid system, therefore taking in in small amounts, causes no harm to men.  However, if taken in high amount these benefits are lost.

The research team also stated that men with high testosterone level after having weed have a higher possibility of engaging in high-risk behaviors.

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