Home Technology Bosch to invest Rs 20 crores in AI centers at IIT Madras

Bosch to invest Rs 20 crores in AI centers at IIT Madras

Bosch to invest Rs 20 crores in AI centers at IIT Madras

This Wednesday Bosch group inaugurated its Robert Bosch Center for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (RBC-DSAI) in the premises of Indian Institute of Technology, Madras. Over the next five years, the technology services provider aims to invest 2.5 million Euros or Rs 20 crore in RBC-DSAI.

Behind setting up this center, the mission aims to create an impact on society by interacting with the government, research, academicians, and collaborators of different industries to face core challenges in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence.

Michael Bolle, Chief Technology Officer and one of the members of the Board of Management at Bosch stated explained how as a core technology, Artificial Intelligence connects all the aspects of life. Whether its factories, cities, buildings or simply daily lives – there is hardly any sector left where AI has not made its impact. He also stated how Indian engineers have contributed to the AI sector and especially at Bosch by expanding its AI skills set.

The Indian government plans to undertake much foundational research in various areas of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. Few of the sectors that the government is currently considering are domain aware AI, network analytics, deep learning, interpretable machine learning and reinforcement learning.

As part of these activities, there is going to be knowledge management and dissemination, outreach projects, research projects and setting up various collaborative labs and similar facilities.

The Indian government has made it mandatory to conduct interactions between government and other industries by conducting faculty exchanges and including interaction with international students. With this investment, Bosch in collaboration with IIT Madras aims to contribute towards society benefits through AI technologies.

Bosch had selected India as one of its four locations to set up its Bosch center for AI. It has plans to invest approximately 300 million Euros until 2021 in all such centers. Apart from IIT Madras, the company has also funded a similar initiative at the Indian Institute of Science, Banglore.

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