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AT&T’s fake 5G logo found in iOS 12.2 beta

fake 5G logo found in iOS

A few days back, AT&T was in news for putting misleading 5G icons on few of the recently launched Android devices. And now the same has been spotted on Apple’s iPads and iPhones also.

This Monday Apple had released its second iOS 12.2 beta version. Soon, the tech experts could spot a fake icon of 5G rolling out. MacRumors, a tech blog that reports about Apple products were first to report it. Through tech magazine PCMag, AT&T confirmed that as soon as iOS users will download the beta version, they would start spotting this icon.

Experts have advised that if an iPhone or iPad owner has been using AT&T and suddenly spots this icon, then they don’t need to panic. The device has neither been upgraded to 5G nor it is connected to this network. It’s just AT&T’s marketing plot to which Apple seems to have succumbed already in the former’s attempt to rename 4G to 5G.  

It has been reported that the areas where AT&T offers gigabit LTE services, only there it is changing the icon. Sacha Segan, who is the lead mobile analyst at PCMag explained had reported last month that due to the carrier’s fake logo, the Apple users are thinking as if their device has been directly upgraded to 5G, although it’s not the case.

Later on, AT&T spokesperson issued a statement regarding this issue which states that today few iPads and iPhones had been spotted with 5G Evolution indicator. It simply helps the users to know if they are in an area that offers gigabit LTE services.

Currently, there exists no device that offers 5G services in the US. Even Apple had announced that it has no plans to roll out such phones before 2020.

AT&T has introduced a 5G icon just to replace the LTE one. the LTE has been rebranded with carrier aggregation in the form of 5G Evolution. However, it will be using the same network, only the name is different.

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