Home Technology Microsoft plans to bring Xbox live on Android, iOS and Nintendo Switch

Microsoft plans to bring Xbox live on Android, iOS and Nintendo Switch

Microsoft plans to bring Xbox live on Android, iOS and Nintendo Switch

Microsoft has a piece of great news for its gamers. They have finally announced the arrival of cross-platform Xbox services. Soon the company would be bringing Xbox live on different gaming platforms such as Android, iOS apart from Nintendo Switch.

Soon the technology giant will be releasing a software development kit or simply SDK. Through these gamers would find it easy to integrate Xbox lives into various titles available that runs easily across different platforms such as Android, iOS, personal computers or laptops, Xbox and even Nintendo switch.

Windows Central, which is a popular GDC session was first to spot this development. They have stated that the Microsoft intends to announce about the cross-platform services of Xbox services through a live event slated to take place next month.

Few Android and iOS games are known to offer Xbox Live Achievements. But they have limited feature since they are enabled only along with Microsoft Studios. And not all gamers can access it since limited editions are available right now. Now, with this recent launch, the company plans to bet big.

Microsoft recently released a statement regarding cross-platform Xbox series launch which states that it is being expected that the Xbox series will expand from around 400 million gaming platforms. It aims to reach out to another 68 million gamers soon. The release of the new XDK cross-platform will also increase the gaming devices by subsequent numbers.

This game will allow the players to integrate the friends’ list, include multiplayer functions and latest features embedded in mobile games. Gamers could bring services and different software on different platforms. Currently, the company is working on the game streaming service of the xCloud type that will allow the streaming of Xbox games to mobile devices, consoles apart from the PCs.

In addition to this, Microsoft is aiming to build a Netflix version for various video games. This will work towards increasing Microsoft’s dominance in the gaming domain.

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