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Titanfall creator to launch a battle of royal game

Titanfall creator to launch a battle of royal game

From the past few days, there has been a rumor that Respawn which happens to be the creator of popular game Titanfall has been working on its own version of a battle royal game. And now it has been confirmed that these rumors are true. The fans are eagerly waiting for this game launch.

Recently through a popular news portal, Myth who is a pro player and Geoff Keighley confirmed that along with their team, they are working to launch Apex Legends. The good news is that they plan to launch as well as unveil this game soon, i.e. on February 4th. However, at this stage, the team has refused to comment on the further details of the game or simply reveal anything.

Rod Breslau, an e-sports consultant analyzed the game’s revealed details and on that basis, he has stated that it is going to be a type of free-to-play game along with the classes. There are going to be a maximum of 60 players on-board and each team will have at max three players. However, these time gamers wouldn’t get to pilot the giant robot named Titan to lead them to the victory.

The title will come with loot boxes as well as purchases for the content similar to the games along with cosmetic items. This approach is going to be quite similar to ‘Overwatch’. By spending money, gamers are not going to get a tactical edge this time. However, the best part is that gamers are going to look great no matter what they were up to during the game.

The game experts have revealed that the game is going to run on Valve Engine Source’s modified version, similar to the lines of the other Titanfall games. Although gamers prefer this game mainly due to robots, however this time the gamers are going to see an amazing combination of grapple and parkour combat.

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