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Here’s why Amazon is unable to sell their items in India

Here’s why Amazon is unable to sell their items in India

Are you wondering why the AmazonBasics’ products are not available for sale on their own website? – well, we have an answer to that. So, unfortunately, the Indian market has initially got Amazon in a very tough spot.

As we all know that Amazon is one of the largest markets available outside the United States. As per the new government-issued norms, which was just recently published has brought prevention over these foreign firms who are trying to sell their products directly to its consumers.

This means the retail giant which is barred from all the hawking items and who sell it as their own label which can be made available from all local sellers has their own investments in the company.

Due to all these changes, the entire range of AmazonBasics products which includes batteries, laptop cases, camera tripods, etc., are all currently been made unavailable across the whole country.

The range of Amazon’s Echo smart speakers is the only thing that is available through all the third-party sellers over their website. Anyhow, even if these items are available, the shipment is scheduled for later weeks from now. All the prime services are unfortunately not available.

Now coming to the part where we must oblige to all the laws and regulations that our country passes on to us – we are hereby left with no other choice but just sit back, relax and look forward to engaging all the other changes that the government is going to make trying to seek clarifications which will help us decide our future, all the courses of action as well as minimize the impact on our customers and Indian sellers.

According to CRISIL Ratings, these rules is thereby going to have a bad cause for both Amazon and Flipkart which is owned by Walmart. A full 40 percent of revenue losses are confirmed by the coming year 2020 and this sums around a total of about $5 billion each.

Now it is going to be very interesting to look forward and see if these firms will find their ways around the new government norms.

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