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The rate of death is high after surgery than in HIV or any other disease

The rate of death is high after surgery than in HIV or any other disease

A new study has come up in town. So, this study has revealed that according to the data that has been collected across the world, around 4.2 million people have lost their lives every year after 30 days of surgery.

The study was conducted by some researchers from the University of Birmingham and they published their findings in a research letter to The Lancet. Their study also states that around half of these deaths occur in countries with a low and middle range income.

The estimation also further concludes that more people die each year and within 30 days after surgery than what people die from HIV, tuberculosis, and malaria diseases which combines a total rate of around 2.97 million.

Coming further to the published paper in the Lancet Commission on Global Surgery. These people found out that around 313 million surgical procedures are performed each year across the globe. A very little detailed version of the same is known with the handling of the quality of surgery globally.

Dr. Dmitri Nepogodiev who is a research student at the University of Birmingham, said: “Surgery has always been the ‘neglected stepchild’ of global health. It has received a very less amount of all the investments that have been put into treating infectious diseases such as malaria. Not as many as we think but these postoperative deaths can be avoided. For this, the only thing we can do is by spreading the word of prevention by increasing the investment funds that we put up into research, staff training, equipment, and better hospital facilities.”

The main purpose of surgery is that it is done to saves lives. If the method which is saving a life is resulting later in death, then it’s not an effective way of concluding the protocol.

The transformation of patients with the quality of life is what this study offers us to know about. A large number of patients are losing their lives in order to try to save it.

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