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Straight from the Science journal, a story of sleep and expanding jelly tablet

Straight from the Science journal, a story of sleep and expanding jelly tablet

When we have an overthinking extra super fast mind, sleeping problems is the commonest problem that we all go through. If we are having trouble while sleeping at night, don’t worry your problem might have just been solved.

Two new studies have been recently published and the researchers have found out that sleeping continuously over a rocking surface would help you to fall asleep faster. This will bring you some peace too.

The first study was concluded on 18 adults. The researchers kept a keen look at the whole sleep monitoring program of their respective subject. This test was done in a lab and the researchers from Team One noted that the group which was told to sleep on a gentle rocking bed had more non-REM deep sleep.

Coming to the second group or the second study. These researchers carried the same sleeping process on some mice. The researchers from Team Two also found that the mice had its point out over the rocking bed. This promoted more sleep through a rhythmic stimulation of the vestibular system which is also known as the region over the inner ear which helps in maintaining the body’s balance.

So, this paper was published in the Nature Communications section. The study is considered as a very much alike over the growing water jelly balls that we have at home.

Some MIT engineers have designed this soft tablet which helps one to grow it inside your stomach. This water ball can stay inside your stomach for over a month or so.

So, now the only question that you have in your mind is – like why? So, to that, these researchers said that this hydrogel device that they have invented can help us to closely study the digestive system. It can even help us to monitor the medication-taking patterns, track cancers or ulcers in the gastrointestinal tract.

Okay, now that sounds cool.

This tablet is known as the Expanding jelly tablet and is safe to use.

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