Home Health Colorfully layered cocktail type of male control drink is coming soon

Colorfully layered cocktail type of male control drink is coming soon

Colorfully layered cocktail type of male control drink is coming soon

When people say – “Why should boys have all the fun?” – the scientists were not so happy about the saying it seems as they are now launching the new –” Why should girls have all the trouble?” After all a new version over the ongoing contraceptive war. Yes, you read it right! Now isn’t this an interesting colorful magical news? So many inventions and yet we find this one amusing and interesting.

Scientists are working over an invention where they are developing reversible male contraceptives by the inspiration of all the colorful cocktails that we drink at a bar. This research has found to be more effective and safe then condoms but not so permanent like a vasectomy.

For years and years, women have had the burden of using contraception for a safe healthy sex life. The long-term use of these female birth control pills was causing many problems with the abnormal hormonal secretions in the body and the increased risk for side effects such as blood clots or breast cancer.

The only two kinds of male contraception were the most common use of condoms which was a short-term method and the other was vasectomy which is a long-term method. Condoms, on the other hand, have failed in many cases and is not a 100 percent safe for use. While on another side lies the vasectomy, which is a 100 percent effective but irreversible.

The researchers studying on the experiment from Nanchang University in China wanted to create a device which is a medium-term and can be reversed back to the original. So, they tried in creating a safe form of male contraception.

So, sitting in a bar and wondering how the bartender makes us a layer of the fascinating colorful drinks. They wondered if they could use the exact similar approach for injecting layers of materials so that the vas deferens can be blocked. This is the same duct that passes its sperm from the testicle to the urethra.

They sequentially injected four layers of materials into the vas deferens. This is a type of hydrogel which forms a physical barrier to sperm. They have tried the experiment over rats and it has been found effective. As this is just a pilot teaser, it needs to be safely verified in humans.

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