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UK PM wishes to reopen Brexit Deal, EU refuses

UK PM wishes to reopen Brexit Deal, EU refuses

Earlier this month the world saw the reports of Brexit agreement being voted down. Recently Britain’s The House of Commons had a day-long debate regarding Prime Minister Theresa May’s proposed Plan B. She has agreed to present a revised agreement before the Parliament that will be put to vote, most probably this February 14.

This Tuesday the British PM had sought a parliamentary approval so that she can return to Brussels negotiate the withdrawal agreement once again. She has made the promise to appear before the parliament once she is back. The UK house was supposed to vote this Tuesday evening on Plan B’s amendments.  It was also slated to discuss the alternatives that have emerged due to this backstop as a main issue between the parties.

May stated that although she was aware of there being a limited scope now she would still try to convince the EU to re-open the talks. She assured to assure this issue and come back with certain significant binding changes. This backdrop will serve as an insurance policy which will try to prevent the hard border between North Ireland (which is part of UK) and Ireland (a prominent European Union Member) in case both sides are unable to finish the trade talks before its transition period, i.e. during December 2020.

PM May has urged the MPs to grant her the mandate that she needs so that she could return to Brussels and start the re-negotiation talks. She further stated how this is the time to match the deeds so that they could vote for Brexit if they want Brexit.  

Jeremy Corbyn, a prominent leader of Labour Party has refused to hold talks with PM May. He demanded that PM should answer what strategy she has planned since the deal went down a few weeks ago. He also accused her of not accepting the will of the House.

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