Home Technology YouTube officially releases Video Resolution options for iOS and Android users

YouTube officially releases Video Resolution options for iOS and Android users

YouTube officially releases Video Resolution options for iOS and Android users

So finally, many YouTube users are going to be happy and at the peace with the new feature that the video company has just recently brought in use for its users. Now, you can download any video of your choice in the quality of resolution that you want the video to be in.

Worry no more about low network issues or a hassle HD screening non-union. You can download your choice of video in the choice of resolution quality that you prefer.

Back in the year 2014, YouTube had launched the feature of watching videos offline. Looking back over all these long years, the streaming quality of these videos came up only in HD quality. After so many years, this has indeed come as a big surprise.

Earlier this month, this new popup section was being spotted for its testing over some devices. The news was not confirmed by the big fat tech company but now Google has come forward and confirmed the news themselves.

They have finally revealed the existence of the new feature through an updated support page. The highest quality for video streaming of Android and iOS has separately reordered with their video resolution options so that it’s easy for us to pick the choice of resolution we want to download the video.

YouTube has also plotted down their list of all the recommended content on the downloads page section which is under the recommended downloads section. A panel pop-up also lies at the bottom of the screen where notifications for the download recommended new videos come up.

If you wish to download any of the given recommended videos from the notification section, then you can simply tap on the download icon and then your video will be downloaded automatically.

You can also opt out from receiving these download recommendations by just turning off the Recommended Downloads option. You should go to Settings > Backgrounds & Downloads and tap on your profile picture. So, easy mate!

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