Home Technology Samsung launches M-series phones to take on Xiaomi

Samsung launches M-series phones to take on Xiaomi

Samsung launches M-series phones to take on Xiaomi

One of the most popular smartphone company recently launched the smartphones based on ‘M series’ in order to take on its rival Xiaomi in India. The company has specially designed this model to re-capture its top position in the Indian market as ‘the most selling smartphone’ which Xiaomi took over recently.

The models have been named M10 and M20 respectively. The prices start at Rs 7990. It will be available for online sale from 5th February this year. Asim Warsi who is the current Vice-President of Samsung stated that today’s generations are looking out for a smartphone that has longer battery duration is pre-loaded with the latest innovations and has fast lighting. Samsung follows a customer-centric approach and gives importance to the innovations which are useful from customers’ point of view. The Samsung Galaxy M-series is one more step towards this approach.

Currently, the smartphone giant is aiming to clock aiming to clock its growth in double-digit this year in the Indian market. The new M-series is expected to play a key role in this growth. Currently, Xiaomi holds a 28% share in the Indian market with Samsung following closely with 24% stakes. Xiaomi had started selling its units in India through multiple online platforms. Since last few months, it has been working on increasing its retail stores across multiple places in India.  

The Indian smartphone market has been seeing competition at a hyper level these days. Samsung managed to sell over 145 million of its units in the country last year. Samsung’s M20 edition comes with 8 MP front camera, HD display of 5.3 inches and 5000 mAh battery. The M10 smartphone offers 5 MP front camera & 13 MP + 5 MP rear camera, the display of 6.2 inches and 3200 mAh battery.

Samsung also stated that it plans to offer packaging materials manufactured from plastic and other environmentally sustainable materials instead of plastic.

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