Home Health As measles cases rise, Washington state under emergency

As measles cases rise, Washington state under emergency

As measles cases rise, Washington state under emergency

Washington has seen a rise in the cases of measles in the last few days. Due to this, the health officials have declared a state of emergency. Till Saturday, there had been 32 confirmed cases of measles. Seeing the outbreak, the State Governor Jay Inslee declared ‘emergency.’

Inslee issued a proclamation this Friday, through which he stated that Measles can be fatal to the smaller kids and is highly contagious. The recent cases could create an extreme health crisis, and there are chances that these could quickly spread to the other counties as well.

Till Saturday the maximum number of cases, i.e., 31 were reported in Clarke County that lies on Washington state’s southern border on the banks of river Columbia. Out of the 31 confirmed patients are kids between the age of 1 and 10.

One last case was spotted in King County’s Seattle area. Earlier it was stated that the patient – a man in his 50s was a ‘suspected’ case. However, later health officials confirmed that the patient had contracted measles. They issued a health alert to follow all the precautions against the disease.

Through his proclamation, the Governor has allowed health agencies and departments to use appropriate state resources and take every possible measure to assist the affected areas. His website states that Washington State’s Health Department has created the Management Structure for Infectious Disease Incident. It would help to manage the public health aspects via lab testing and investigation.

Later the State’s Military Department also issued a statement saying that it had started organizing resources to assist the health department officials and the local patients and ease the further effects.

Off late, there have been reports of patients having measles attending various public events such as churches, stores, hospitals, schools, etc. Officials from the health department have been checking if these spots have traces of measles virus.

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