Home Health CDC warns against kissing or snuggling hedgehog Due to Salmonella infection

CDC warns against kissing or snuggling hedgehog Due to Salmonella infection

CDC warns against kissing or snuggling hedgehog Due to Salmonella infection

Many pet lovers across the US own the cute hedgehogs as their pets. However, this Friday when the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued an alert regarding this tiny pet, then many hedgehog owners were taken aback and left bewildered.

CDC issued a report during the afternoon which stated that these tiny and adorable little pets who have adorned the homes of many Americans could be carrying the germs of salmonella and this could be spreading it to their fellow human families. The CDC’s report states that the center along with the public health officials from various states currently looking into several cases due to infection of salmonella bacteria. The outbreak is linked with pet hedgehogs.

Till the notice announcement, a total of 11 patients from eight states were down due to multiple reasons all because of these bacterial infections. Out of the 11 reported, ten people were confirmed to be carrying the traces of Salmonella typhimurium. Majority of the infected patients have declared being in contact with pet hedgehogs. Although no severe cases or deaths have been reported, however, one person has been kept under hospital supervision. The maximum number of three cases were from the state of Missouri, and two were published in Minnesota and one each from the other countries such as Wyoming, Texas, Maine, Colorado, Mississippi, and Nebraska.

A health official from CDC has stated that its team had collected the samples of pet hedgehogs from the homes of two reported patients. They have identified the salmonella strains that was responsible for making these patients sick. Now the team of researchers is trying to determine if all these infected pet hedgehogs came from a common pet supplier.

Those who get infected due to salmonella show the symptoms of abdominal pain and fever. It can last from at least four to seven days. However, in a few rare cases, it can even lead to death.

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