Home Health Whole Food recalls food products containing Baby Spinach due to salmonella contamination

Whole Food recalls food products containing Baby Spinach due to salmonella contamination

Whole Food recalls food products containing Baby Spinach due to salmonella contamination

Whole Foods has just announced to call back prepared food products that had baby spinach listed as one of its ingredients. There have been reports of the green vegetable being contaminated with salmonella bacteria.

Various food items such as wraps, pizzas, salads, sandwiches, etc. are packaged under the label of Whole Foods. These items are sold in eight American states including the prominent ones such as New York, Florida, New Jersey and Massachusetts. These products affected by bacteria have their selling dates mentioned between Jan 24 and Jan 27. The grocery store giant has said a complete list of aa the recalled products on its official website.

Through a FDA bulletin, the company has issued an advisory which states that the customers who bought the food products with baby spinach as one of the ingredients from hot bars or salad bars at various outlets of Whole Food Market locations in the eight states need to discard the purchases done on or before January 23, 2019.

The recall decision comes after the New York-based Satur Farms had announced this Thursday that it had decided to recall mesclun and baby spinach after it was speculated that it could be contaminated with a form of bacteria called salmonella. Recently, the state agriculture departments of New York and Florida had conducted a test of the samples, in which it found the speculations about the presence of bacteria to be true. Satur Farms later announced that there had been no reports of any illness till now due to this.

The Centers for Disease Control had recently issued a report in which it was mentioned that salmonella bacteria are responsible for causing over 1.2 million illnesses among the Americans every year. Out of these, around 23,000 are hospitalized, and approximately 450 end up dying. Some common diseases related to it are fever, abdominal cramps, and diarrhea. Although a majority of people do recover without any medical consultations, however the young children and elderly may need immediate medical attention.

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