Home Technology Facebook memos reveals reluctance to prevent kids from making Accidental Purchases

Facebook memos reveals reluctance to prevent kids from making Accidental Purchases

Facebook memos reveals reluctance to prevent kids from making Accidental Purchases

Recently Facebook made a few of its documents public which shows how its policy aimed at the young gamers is quite worse. Although the company had claimed to find a solution regarding the same many times earlier, however, the documents point to something else.

A part of this piece revealed how many people are spending money without having the slightest idea of this fact that it might be a ‘friendly fraud.’ Another document stated that the app developers should not try to block this option even though one of this category had been listed earlier as ‘friendly fraud minor.’ Many other documents went on to reveal how many Facebook employees had not been OK with the idea of generating in-game revenues from young gamers.

A document mentioned a conversation between two employees regarding the favorite game ‘Angry Birds.’ One of the top app developers is mentioned expressing his unhappiness over this fact that a large number of users had been placing refund requests right from the time the game came first on the Facebook portal. When the team researched these requests, they found that a huge 93% were listed under ‘minor’ category accessing the app from either their parents were grandparents account. Few others have stated that this move of Apple had helped the gaming platform to build a quick success story.

More than half of parents & grandparents verified the age of minor kids using the app, and the average age in this category was found to be five years. These adults had no idea about this rule that the kid doesn’t need anyone’s permission to change the cards. In all such cases, they had a sense that the kids would be playing the games. But they didn’t know that even without the password the kids would end up making the purchases.

However, those who were using Apple’s iOS didn’t face any such issues. Because here, the app asks for verification and password to initiate purchases.

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