Home Technology References to 7th-Generation iPod Touch and new iPads found in iOS 12.2

References to 7th-Generation iPod Touch and new iPads found in iOS 12.2

References to 7th-Generation iPod Touch and new iPads found in iOS 12.2

Today through the Eurasian Economic Commission database, experts were able to discover the registration info of around seven new models of iPads. Further, they also found the new signs of 7th-Generation iPod Touch and new iPads in iOS 12.2.

Steven Troughton-Smith, a favorite application developer successfully managed to discover the ranges of four latest iPad models that ranged from iPad 11,1 to iPad 11,4. Out of these two are Wifi and the other two are of cellular model. These newly launched Apple model numbers, however, do not correspond with the other launched models of Apple.

Troughton-Smith has stated that the iPad model numbers that he managed to discover could be that of those iPad mini devices that had been launched off recently or could be in line for the same. Already there have been rumors from Apple’s side that the company is working on a new model of iPad mini 5.

The developer further explained how none of the earlier iPads possessed FaceID. However, one should expect it with the launch of the new iPad Mini. It will also offer affordable pricing apart from being a lower end device.

He also referred to ‘iPod 9,1’ which does not share any similarity with any previously launched iPod device. Already rumors have started about it being the latest next-generation model. For reference, the current iPod touch is of the sixth generation and is listed as ‘iPod 7,1.” It is being speculated that the iPod which is listed among iOS 12.2 will not support Face ID or maybe Touch ID also.

Earlier this week there had been reports of Apple registering seven new iPads with Eurasian Economic Commission. Few of the top tech experts are hoping that out of these seven, few of the iPad models could be of those which Troughton-Smith had just discovered.

People are expecting many things from the upcoming update of iPad Mini. From a recently leaked photo, experts have suggested that the phone comes with a vertical camera and vertical speaker.

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