Home Business Facebook plans to merge its Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram features

Facebook plans to merge its Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram features

Facebook plans to merge its Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram features

Facebook plans to untie the features of its widely popular and most used apps, i.e. Instagram, FB Messenger, and WhatsApp. Currently, the FB CEO Mark Zuckerberg along with his team is working on a plan where they will combine the messaging features that now these three apps are offering. It will allow the users to interact with each other frequently and more efficiently.

Although all these apps will function separately, the company has stated that it has plans to stitch the infrastructure of these apps together. When this feature comes into existence, then thousands of people employed under Facebook will have to reconfigure that how FB Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp are going to function at the fundamental level.

An insider from Facebook revealed that Facebook plans to keep its users engaged with its three messaging apps rather than those which its competitors are operating especially Google and Apple. Reportedly Facebook had purchased WhatsApp in 2014 and the Instagram way back in 2012. Both of these apps are high in popularity currently and have more than one billion active users each.

However, it has also been reported that this sudden announcement by Facebook CEO has left its employees confused. Many of them are terming it a ‘jarring’ decision since earlier the CEO had promised that he will always keep these three companies as the separate units. Off recent, Facebook has been trying to gain more control over Instagram and WhatsApp. Due to this, the cofounders of Instagram had exited the organization last year. An unknown source from Facebook has however confirmed this upcoming development.

Under this plan, the Facebook will merge the chats of its Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp. After this, a FB Messenger user will be able to chat with Instagram and WhatsApp user directly. This move will help the social media giant to break down the barriers between its different chat platforms. The three apps will remain as a separate app on a smartphone’s home screen. But will share a unified messaging feature.  

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