Home Science Safe Ice melting at a fast rate in Antarctica and Greenland

Safe Ice melting at a fast rate in Antarctica and Greenland

Safe Ice melting at a fast rate in Antarctica and Greenland

Off late, the world has been witnessing how the ice sheets along the glaciers have been melting at an alarming rate. Last week it had been announced that Antarctica’s Eastern Ice shelf which was thought to be in a stable position earlier and even was found to be growing to some extent was located to be melting at an alarming rate.

And now a new study has concluded that in Greenland’s southwest region where ice sheets were found in the safe state some time back had now started dumping more meltwaters into the ocean region in comparison with other icy areas.

Now, these immediate reports of ice melting are reportedly a considerable threat to the communities residing at coastal areas due to rising seawater level. Michael Bevis, an eminent researcher who led this Greenland study, has stated that we are going to see a rise in sea levels at a faster rate in the coming times. The only question remains – how severe this situation would get!

Those scientists who have studied the rise in sea levels have stated that Greenland had always been the center of their studies. However, they never expected the ices to melt at such an alarming rate. The glaciers located in north and south region have started melting due to a massive change in temperatures.

The team observed that during summer times, the meltwaters directly poured into the sea which was enough to highlight the acceleration in ice melting. Recently the ice is melting four times faster as it was there in 2003. The year 2012 was terrible for Greenland’s surface since 97% of the ice melted up during that period.

Earlier during a typical year, the temperature used to be around -10 degree Celsius. But now it has risen to an extent where one could easily roam in t-shirts. Scientists have been unable to reveal how much capacity water is melting currently. The rising seawaters are a severe threat to many coastal areas. Few small islands have already got submerged due to a rise in seawater in those areas.

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