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Europe plans to extract rocket fuel from Moon’s surface during 2025

Europe plans to extract rocket fuel from Moon's surface during 2025

The European State Agency has stated that it is currently identifying various prospects so that it could send a mission to the Moon during 2025. The mission aims to extract robotic fuels with the help of robotic mining equipment. Regolith, an ancient ore found on the moon’s surface is known to be rich in fuel supplements.

During a press release at ESA, David Parker who is a director at the institute’s Human and Robotic Exploration stated that using space resources in different ways is the key to use lunar expedition sustainably.  As a part of ESA’s comprehensive plan, the study aims to establish Europe as a partner of global space expedition in the coming decades.

As a part of this expedition, ESA has collaborated with Ariane Group, an aerospace company well established in Europe. The company has its launch vehicle called Ariane 64 that will help in ferrying the required equipment to be needed during the mission to the Lunar area. ESA and Ariane Group have already inked a deal so that they could start exploring this potential mission.

André-Hubert Rousse, the CEO of Ariane Group, had issued a press release stating that They symbolically announced their first contract with ESA on the day when lunar eclipse took place. This deal is going to be a milestone for Ariane group which in association with ESA will start working on various technological proposals related to logistic space services for a long time in the future decade.

This deal provides an opportunity to Ariane Group so that it could recall Arianne 64 to carry out various lunar missions successfully.

Although ESA didn’t release detailed information regarding this mission, however, it is being speculated that the leading space agency would like to extract Helium-3, currently found in the abundant amount in the moon’s Regolith region. Apart from ESA, Chinese Space agency are also working on the same mission now.

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