Home Health 23 measles patient detected in Vancouver who’s unvaccinated

23 measles patient detected in Vancouver who’s unvaccinated

23 measles patient detected in Vancouver who's unvaccinated

Vancouver recently had its 23rd measles patient in the form of an 11-year old boy and that too unvaccinated. The Clark County area has seen a sudden rise in those getting affected by this disease.

The officials of the public health department of County Club area issued a statement this Tuesday stating that they were suspecting two more peoples of suffering from this highly contagious disease. Additionally, they successfully identified four more spots where the chances are high that many people in some way or the other might have got exposed to this disease. These four spots are Kaiser Cascade Park Medical Office, Dollar Tree at 7809-B Vancouver Plaza Drive, Portland International Airport’s baggage claim and south end of the ticket counter apart from Costco, 4849 NE 138th Avenue at Portland.

On an average, the health officials had identified at least one patient was suffering from measles ever since January 1 when this large outbreak suddenly started in some areas of US. Out of 23 identified people, 18 are those whose age happens to be less than 10. Currently, one person has been hospitalized due to the seriousness of the condition. Most of the identified patients revealed that they had never taken the vaccination for measles.

A highly contagious virus is responsible for causing measles that spreads mainly through the air. In an isolated spot, there are chances that measles virus may stay up to two hours. Those who have already received vaccination against measles have decidedly fewer chances of contracting this disease from those who never had.

Physicians have stated that measles vaccines are considered highly effective. Even if a person has got exposed to measles virus, he can take the precautionary measles shot immediately. Also if it is received after 72 hours, one will get fine soon.

Evergreen School District located in Clark County is one of worst affected areas due to this outbreak. Health officials have detected how it has low vaccination rates in the entire Washington region with only 77.4 percent students getting the mandatory vaccination shots.

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