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Twitter currently testing ‘Original Tweeter’ tag

Twitter currently testing 'Original Tweeter' tag

Recently Twitter has announced that it has begun testing a new feature which will help to determine who started a thread. Named as ‘Original Tweeter,’ the tag has started appearing for some users. This will help to find the original post within a Twitter thread. Further, it will help to curb various forms of abuse that takes place on this social media platform. It will also be easy to identify those Twitter handles who masquerade as other tweeters sometimes.

Twitter sources later confirmed this development and stated that the feature had been rolled out for a small percentage of Android and iOS users. Sara Haider who is Director of Product Management has explained that It is Twitter’s purpose to make public conversions safer and more precise. As a part of this purpose, the company is exploring some options by highlighting certain transformations.

This feature will probably be most helpful to distinguish certain celebrities when a series of fake tweets start showing up below their original one. It will also ensure that users don’t need to verify every character of tweets from a Twitter handle to distinguish if the information shared is authentic or not.

This step is going to benefit those users who wish to view the original thread they had been considering. Since the company is verifying many accounts at the same time, still it will allow the users to change their necessary details such as profile photo, names, etc. There are chances it could avert imitation issues for some time.

Although this step is a small one, however, it is essential for Twitter since it is facing specific issues related to data policy in recent times. It has also introduced various other features which are in beta phase currently such as color code for different replies through which users can get an insight about the threads they have been reading. It also includes sorted responses algorithmically.

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