Home Business US’s most expensive home sold for $238 million

US’s most expensive home sold for $238 million

US's most expensive home sold for $238 million

A four-story condo located in Central Park South dubbed as ‘US’s most expensive house’ has been sold. The $238 million building was also popular as ‘billionaire’s bunker.’ The home has been slated as the most expensive house in the history of US.

Ken Griffin who’s a billionaire has bought this house. He is known to be a house collector. Among his valuable collection lies a penthouse of $50 million at Miami’s Faena House, a condo of $58.75 million in Chicago, a mansion worth $122 million located in London and land worth 4250 million in Palm Compound beach to build another lavish mansion.

The Wall Street Journal was the first newspaper to make this purchase public.

Steven Roth, a well-known developer, has taken charge of assembling the tenants to give the building a makeover. It has been reported that once Roth was personally involved in the interiors of this building along with his team of established architects.

The building is clad with imported limestone and is unlike any other private club. It features private dining rooms that come with the library, sports club, juice bar and not to forget the basketball court. Although it has not been revealed that who are going to be the immediate buyers, however, insiders tell that once the building is ready and gets into live-in condition, celebrities such as Trudie Styler and Sting have higher chances of moving in. They have reportedly bought a triplex in the building in an undisclosed amount. Thus, Griffin will have many high profile neighbors.

Griffin’s apartment takes four floors, i.e. from 50th to the 53rd building. The luxurious home covers an area of 24,000 sq. Km. His unit comes with multiple layouts. He is a favorite hedge-fund manager. And this purchase is latest in the series of his lavish purchases. He is known to make many multimillion real estate deals as mentioned earlier.

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