Home Science Pilots spot Drone at Newark Airport, leads to 90 min shutdown

Pilots spot Drone at Newark Airport, leads to 90 min shutdown

Pilots spot Drone at Newark Airport leads to 90 min shutdown

This Tuesday, for 90 minutes the air traffic had been suspended at Newark Liberty International Airport, New Jersey. It had happened since a couple of pilots had reported about sighting a drone in the nearby air space.

Off recent few of the busiest airports of America have reported chaos related to such drones. Last month during the holiday season, the services were disrupted at the Gatwick Airport in London when during the rush a drone was spotted in the sky. Such disruptions are a new kind of headaches for travelers.

The recent spotting of drone at the Newark Airport led to delay in schedules of various flights. It has been reported that during this period almost 40 flights had been suspended for nearly 21 minutes. Airport officials stated how dozens of other planes were left to circle during this period. The worst fact is that among the circling planes there was a plane of United States Airlines arriving from Jamaica which was almost on the verge of running out of fuel.

The pilot who had spotted the flying object first stated that he placed an object in the sky that was some drone. It was almost 30 feet ahead from the plane’s right wing.

Javid Bayandor, a senior aerospace engineer who has studied about drone strikes, explained how irresponsible use of drones near any airport ends up causing stress unnecessarily to the pilots and the team of controllers. These drones which are unmanned, have a high chance of harming a plane’s vertical stabilizer, engine, wings or windshield.

Even the drones with 10 to 15 pounds are capable of providing significant damages to the plane’s parts. And if both had been closer to the ground, then the collision could have given possible dangerous results. The threat regarding drones is getting real day by day.

It has been reported that pilots had reported about seeing more than 2000 drones during the holiday month last year. Rules state that drones should be at least five miles away from an airport.

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